A fairly new app for the iOS store allows you to create a Pokémon with customized stats, abilities, and other features, then transfer it to your Nintendo DS Pokémon game using the GTS. You create your custom Pokémon within the application, and then on your DS or 3DS, you enter a custom DNS setting in your internet settings. From there, you just enter the friend code from the app on your Apple device, and go to the Global Trade Station where your new custom critter will show up. The app is available for .99¢, though a free version is available as well. I’ve included a video showcasing the application just after the jump.

I used a browser-based program to do the very same thing for free a couple of years ago in order to get my favorite generation one Pokémon onto my copy of Pokémon White. I couldn’t find the app I used then, but here’s a similar one to use if, like me, you don’t have an Apple device to run the PokéCreator app. Happy cheating, everyone!

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