Pokémon GO has officially launched in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and (as of today) Germany, and the young mobile app is a massive success already. Niantic Labs’ much-hyped game quickly reached 10 million downloads on Android devices alone and shot to the top of the mobile revenue charts in record-breaking time, and all of that was accomplished with only a limited release in a few countries.

Speaking with Game Informer, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke discussed Pokémon GO‘s incredible start, proudly declaring that it has “exceeded our expectations in every way.” In addition to the chart-topping download and revenue numbers, Hanke has been impressed by the game’s incredible social media presence, and by the way fans have been organizing in large groups to play and discuss Pokémon GO together.

Game Informer: “The game’s out now. The servers are having a hard time under the weight of so many users. I’m curious about your expectations of the game. Now that’s it’s out, is it about the level that you guys expected it to be or is it already exceeding expectations in terms of downloads and people talking about it online and all that?”

John Hanke: “Yeah, I mean, we hoped that the game would be successful and we had ambitious goals for it. But it definitely exceeded our expectations in every way. I mean, hitting that number one in the free apps and top-grossing apps yesterday was unexpected for us on day one with a partially launched product. So yeah it’s been amazing. More impressive than the charts and the raw numbers have been the social activity, engagement, all the user stories that are flooding Reddit and flooding online social platforms – great stories about groups of people going on giant organized Pokémon walk in Sydney, I heard something like that’s getting organized in Los Angeles, I saw photos this morning of big groups of people that had congregated around gyms last night just sort of spontaneously. So that part of it is super exciting to us because our whole thing, the whole mission for Ingress is to get people out of the house and encourage people to exercise and get out of the living room and go out into the neighborhood, those are the most exciting images for us. People getting out, going to new places, and making new friends, and socializing, playing with their existing friends out in the real world, that’s awesome to see.”

As Pokémon GO becomes more readily available in other countries around the world, its impressive numbers and social impact will only continue to grow.

Source: Game Informer

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