Pokémon GO has been an incredible success since its debut in July, topping mobile download and revenue charts around the world. Last month it eclipsed $500 million in revenue faster than any mobile game in history, and it continues to pull in profits at a historic rate. According to market researcher App Annie, Pokémon Go topped $600 million in revenue after just 90 days on the market. By comparison, it took Candy Crush 200 days to reach that lofty goal.

Additionally, App Annie’s report shows that Pokémon Go has an impressive rate of play time. If you look at the top twenty apps for the past quarter (in terms of total play time), Pokémon Go makes up 45% of the grand total, with the other 19 games combined making up 55%. This is particularly remarkable because its success isn’t negatively impacting the play time for other apps in a major way. In other words, it’s attracting customers to spend more time on mobile games rather than just “stealing” customers away from other popular apps.

Source: App Annie (via Venture Beat)

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