Pokémon GO was a monstrous success when it made its debut in 2016. Over two years later, the game is still attracting millions of players every month, and the experience has continued to evolve as developer Niantic releases new features. They recently added in a Friends feature (complete with trading), but their next venture is an even more important Pokémon element that fans have been craving since launch.

Speaking with Polish outlet Gram, Niantic outlined plans for a future update. According to Anne Beuttenmüller, head of head of product marketing for Niantic in the EMEA region, the often requested players vs player battles are on their way! Niantic is currently focused on improving the Friends feature, but PvP is their next big project after that, and they’re aiming to have it up and running before the end of the year.

With the Pokémon: Let’s Go games launching in November, this could be the perfect timing. Pokémon GO players will be introduced to the excitement of battling against friends in GO just in time to see an onslaught of commercials advertising an even more exciting adventure unfolding on Switch.

Source: Gram

Ben Lamoreux


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