Since its launch just last week, Pokémon GO is shattering the expectations of Niantic Labs as it continues to draw in a record number of users, prompting the small developer to postpone its global release in order to bulk up its servers. The app has been downloaded to over 15 million Android and iOS devices in the United States alone, became the highest grossing app in mobile history, and is even drawing in more users in the US than Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify.

According to data from SurveyMonkey, Pokémon GO has now become the most popular mobile game in the United States when it comes to peak daily active users. Over 20 million users have used the app in a single day, dethroning the record previously held by King’s Candy Crush Saga in 2013.

Check out the survey results in the gallery below!

Source: SurveyMonkey

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