Niantic has revealed that Pokémon GO Plus, the companion device for Pokémon GO, will launch in most countries just next week on September 16th. The device was originally meant to launch in July but was delayed in order to improve optimization with the game. The wearable device allows Pokémon GO to be played without constantly looking at your phone, as players can press a button to receive items from PokéStops or attempt to catch a Pokémon. Pokémon GO Plus will cost $34.99, and will launch next week in “most countries,” with some South American territories receiving the device later.

Nintendo also revealed the list of compatible devices in a PR statement. Every iPhone released since and including the iPhone 5 will be compatible with
Pokémon GO Plus, as long as they’re running iOS versions 8 or 9. Any Android devices 4.4 or higher, that have Bluetooth® Smart capability and 2GB of RAM are also compatible with Pokémon GO Plus.

It was also recently revealed that
Pokémon GO is coming to Apple Watch, working in similar ways to the Plus device. The app will notify players of upcoming PokéStops, gyms, and most importantly, Pokémon, in addition to some other handy features.

Source: Niantic

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