Pokémon GO died like two years ago. No one plays that crap anymore.” Any time we post news about Niantic’s hit mobile game, several variations of that phrase pop up on our Facebook. It’s never been true, but ooh boy is wrong this time around. Back in June, we reported that Pokémon GO had reached its highest active player count since 2016, and it’s only gotten more popular since then.

According to research from AppAnnie, Pokémon Go was the highest-grossing mobile app in the United States for the month of July. It also managed to take fourth place globally, despite slipping to number nine in its home country of Japan. Over two years out from launch, Pokémon GO consistently remains one of the most popular and lucrative games in the world.

July’s numbers were also aided by numerous events and promises. There was Summer Style Pikachu, Squirtle with sunglasses, and other limited time Pokémon. The game also got a Friends List and a trade feature recently, and Niantic is promising PVP later this year and even teasing the addition of Gen IV Pokémon.

Source: AppAnnie (via Resetera)

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