UPDATE 4: Another Mega Pokémon, Mega Kangaskhan, has been revealed, and it looks like the little baby will finally be leaving its momma’s pouch! Mega Kangaskhan has the Parental Bond ability, which allows it to hit twice. Check out the gallery and the video below for a look!

Amidst this crazy fiasco of Mega Pokémon news, don’t forget that there’s plenty of other Pokémon news as well. Check out a few of the newly-revealed Generation VI Pokémon right here!

UPDATE 3: Serebii has again updated their site with new information, including the new Pokémon’s English names. The original post has been updated to reflect new information. Yesterday’s new gym leader, now named Korrina, is in Shalour City, but we still don’t know about what type she’ll use. Pokémon are retaining the “Mega” prefix in their name when they Mega evolve, but we now know the transformation only occurs in battle so it shouldn’t be permanent. In other small news, Gogoat’s pre-evolution, Skiddo, can now be ridden in the field. Whether or not it’s limited to a certain area is still unknown.

Super Training has also been revealed and is another big change. Where stuck players before had to grind or change their teams, now you can boost your Pokémon’s stats by playing mini-games outside of battle. Serebii describes one of these games as soccer-like, where you try to land goals past a balloon-Pokémon while blocking their own attempts. Core Training is another, less involved version of out-of-battle training, where your Pokémon train on their own against punching bags. This will increase their stats individually, not their levels.

Finally, an “Effort o Meter” has been introduced for the more serious players. This device lets you track your Pokémon’s EVs in the game. Effort Values — EVs — are given when a Pokémon is defeated in battle and decide what stat bonuses you get when your Pokémon levels up. For years it’s been necessary to keep track of your own EVs, only fighting certain Pokémon, so serious competitors could create the best, but now there’s an easier way to do it.

UPDATE 2: A new English trailer has been released that gives some details on Mega evolutions and shows them off. The event Torchic, which will be handed out starting when the games release on October 12th, will be holding a Mega Stone. This Mega Stone is not “available during normal gameplay” and is needed for Blaziken’s Mega evolution. Whether or not the Mega Stone is required for every Mega evolution or just Blaziken’s is still unknown. Finally, Mega evolutions are confirmed to only be possible in battle.

If the Mega Stone is required for all of these new forms, it would be extremely odd that it wouldn’t be able to be found normally. Previous Pokémon games have made it nearly impossible to catch all the monsters by adding in event Pokémon that, if you miss or have no one to trade with, you’re out of luck on, but Mega evolutions are much bigger than that. Hopefully more will be said as the release nears.

UPDATE: We’re getting word that the new Mega evolutions may just be new forms, though there is still some confusion. Whether an evolution or form, permanent or temporary, the fact is that some Pokémon will be getting updated. Sorry for any confusion, we’ll try and learn more as information comes through.

Original Post:

This month’s Japanese, Pokémon-based CoroCoro magazine has been leaked and, as promised last month, the announcements are incredible. Several Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y will now have a new evolution, the Mega evolution, and get the word “Mega” added as a prefix to their names. The name isn’t the only thing to change — the Pokémon will gain minor changes, rather than the more wild evolutions some are known for. In the gallery below you can see the six Pokémon confirmed to have a Mega form, including Mewtwo, Blaziken, Lucario, Absol, Mawile, and Ampharos. It should be noted that Blaziken and Ampharos are both third-level Pokémon, so this adds a fourth evolution to the chain. The process for turning a Pokémon Mega isn’t detailed yet, but you can be sure we’ll tell you as soon as we find out.

On another page, three new Pokémon were revealed. As always, these are still the Japanese names and are subject to change. Skiddo is a pre-evolution of Gogoat and is a grass type, while the rabbit is a simple normal type named Bunnelby. The third reveal is maybe the most interesting: an electric/fairy type named Dedenne that bears a striking resemblance to series mascot Pikachu. Korrina is a newly shown gym leader, and while her type choice is still unknown, translations of the magazine say she holds the secret to understanding Mega evolution.

Finally, the first Japanese event Pokémon for X and Y is going to be a Torchic that holds a new item called a Mega Stone, which presumably will help it evolve into MegaBlaziken. The Pokémon are taking backseat in this issue of CoroCoro; this new evolution type is a completely unexpected announcement and entirely too exciting. I just have one question: Where can I pick up my MegaCharizard?

Source: Serebii.net

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