We know there have been a lot of false sites and apps regarding it, but Japanese fans of Nintendo’s upcoming Pokémon GO can now legitimately sign up for a “field test” (essentially a beta test) of the game, with other regions to also receive similar tests later on in the year. The game is one of Nintendo’s first proper forays into mobile gaming and will be launching on the Google Play and App Store this year as a free download.

Developer Niantic said that they, along with Nintendo, would be inviting users to test the app prior to launch.

“The Pokémon Company and Niantic will be inviting users to field test Pokemon Go in Japan later this month. The Pokémon Go field test program will give a limited number of users early access to the app. These users will have the opportunity to share early feedback and help improve the Pokémon Go experience for everyone prior to public launch.” — Niantic

While gamers in other regions will have to wait for further news regarding other “field tests”, Japanese fans can sign up here. Don’t worry — we’ll keep you posted on any developments!

Source: GameSpot

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