Pokémon GO was a huge hit around its launch last summer, things have slowed down significantly in the months since. There have been a few updates and events here and there, but nothing I would consider major. That’s about to change later this week, as Pokémon GO is getting a huge update bringing with it a wealth of new content. Niantic is adding a few new berries and some additional mechanics, but the biggest part of this update by far is the inclusion of more than 80 brand new Pokémon.

Most of the Pokémon that exist in the game thus far are from Generation I, with a few exceptions. This newest update will change that, however, as numerous Generation II Pokémon are being added in. This includes Cyndaquil, Totodile, and my favorite starter (who is not useless at all,
despite what Japan says), Chikorita. Pokémon with gender-specific variants will be coming in this update as well. Certain Kanto creatures will also gain new evolved forms that hail from the Johto region—for example, Crobat (Golbat’s evolved form) was revealed in the update’s trailer.

In order to access some of these evolutions, you’ll need new evolution items, which can be acquired through PokéStops. PokéStops are getting more than just these evolutionary aids, however. They’re also getting two new berries! The first of these is the Nanab Berry, which will slow down a Pokémon’s movement, making it easier to catch. The other kind is the Pinap Berry. While this tasty treat won’t help you catch that rare find, it will double the amount of candy you earn from doing so, provided you succeed on your next attempt.

To make things easier on aspiring trainers, Niantic is introducing an item carousel on the battle screen, allowing you to quickly swap between your available items. This update will also change how Pokémon behave while in battle, so make sure to pay attention so you don’t waste your Poké Balls! Lastly, this update brings with it new customization options for your avatar, including shirts, hats, and pants, among many other items.

There isn’t an official date for when this update will be rolling out, but we do know it will be coming later this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Source: Official Pokémon Go Website

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