Jesse Penner
Welcome, one and all, to my profile. Here you'll find a bit of information about me. If you have any questions about me that aren't answered in here, sorry. - I'm a freshman in high school - I'm Canadian - I'm an avid fan of various let's players (including Achievement Hunter, BikdipOnABus, GameGrumps) - I'm dirt poor and don't have any new games - I prefer the cheap/indie/iOS games over the big budget console ones - I write almost exclusively about indie and browser games - I love writing here - My favourite game series are Metroid, Zelda, Far Cry, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Assassin's Creed - I've been meaning to watch Dr. Who for a long time, but haven't gotten to it - I watch anime (mostly Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Dragonball) - I appreciate any and all feedback on my writing - I enjoy lots of 'decidedly bad' games (eg. Sonic '06, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Unleashed) - My favourite colour is green - I enjoy pizza with feta cheese and mushrooms - Trees give us oxygen - People drown in water sometimes - Cocaine is a drug So yeah. That's about it. I hope you enjoy my written pieces and all of the pieces to come ^-^


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