Back in May, The Pokémon Company and Game Freak surprised us by launching a previously unheard of game. Pokémon Quest started as a free-to-play Nintendo Switch exclusive, and a little over a month later it branched out to mobile devices as well. Now that it’s been out for over a month, Sensor Tower has compiled some revenue data for analysis.

Overall, Pokémon Quest generated over $8 million in its first month, with over $3 million of that coming in week one. Approximately 8 million people have downloaded the game, which means the average customer has spent about one dollar so far. Japan is the most profitable region for the game by far, with 34% of revenue coming from that region versus 24% coming from the second-placed United States. iOS is the most popular platform for Pokémon Quest, making up nearly two-thirds of revenue.

Looking at these numbers, Pokémon Quest is certainly not a giant like Pokémon GO, but it’s pulling in respectable profits for what was certainly a low-budget game. Sensor Tower estimates that it’s currently pulling in around $30,000 a day on mobile devices. On its best individual day, Pokémon Quest generated $580,000 from in-app sales.

Source: Sensor Tower

Ben Lamoreux


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