Pokémon X & Y on Nintendo 3DS allowed players to ride Pokémon in certain situations, but the feature was very lightly used. Last month’s trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon revealed that Pokémon-riding is returning, and we saw a little more of it in the new trailer released this morning. The trailer briefly shows a trainer riding a Tauros and a Mudsdale on land, ramming into a rock while riding a Sharpedo in the water, and even taking to the skies on a Charizard.

As it turns out, the ability to ride a Pokémon will play a much bigger in
Sun & Moon. As part of the expanded “Poké Ride” feature, you’ll be able to call upon various Pokémon to help you reach places you normally couldn’t. Poké Ride Pokémon won’t join your team permanently, but “you can call on them anytime to receive their help” according to the official website.

Source: The Pokémon Company

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