Get ready, folks, the big reveal is almost here! Nintendo recently gave fans the ability to sign up for Pokémon Switch news, and it looks like the big day is just around the corner. Rumors have been circulating for weeks suggesting that the first Pokémon game on Switch would be revealed in May, and now we finally have word of an upcoming announcement from a more official source.

The information comes from a couple of places, but the most prominent one by far is TV Tokyo’s variety show Oha Suta. TV Tokyo originally advertised that their upcoming episode would reveal “shocking news” about Pokémon and that it would be “a moment a new story is born.” They’ve since toned down the language, editing the blurb to say that the show is “full of Pokémon info.” The show airs at 7:05 AM in Japan on May 31st, which is 3:05 PM Pacific / 6:05 PM Eastern on May 30th in the US.

Typically these variety show “reveals” are more like recaps that come right after an official reveal, which suggests that Nintendo and Game Freak will make the real announcement themselves sometime on May 30th. TV Tokyo isn’t the only group looking to capitalize on the big reveal on the 31st, as Build-A-Bear Workshop is also teasing “more Pokémon fun” on May 31st and encouraging fans to “join us for the big reveal.”

Source: Serebii

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