Pokémon X and Y sold 473,000 copies during week two
of its release, a 75% drop since the first week rush. While this may
sound bad, it is not unusual by any means.
Pokémon Black and White, currently the record holder for highest opening week sales in Japan, dropped 70% after their first week. This means X and Y
did fall a little harder than their Generation V counterparts, but the
games still boast total sales of 2.34 million units after only two
weeks, which is nothing to sneeze at.

A couple possible reasons
for this are that the 3DS has had significantly less time on the market,
meaning the number of 3DSs already in players’ hands is less than half
of what the DS was at when
Black and White came out. Additionally, Monster Hunter 4
came out in the same week in Japan, meaning two of the largest
franchises in Japan had to compete for players’ time and wallets on the
same 3DS. While I would be perfectly happy to buy both at once, I am
sure more reasonable folk would rather get one at launch and wait a bit
for the other.

All of this can hardly be considered bad news,
though, because ultimately the games are selling quite well. Though the
exact details of the future of Generation VI remain an unknown, there
are no reasons to believe the games will not sell at least as well as
any other
Pokémon title.

Source: Siliconera

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Stefan Terry
One of my earliest memories with games was just after Pokémon had come out in the states for the first time. I remember, after having watched the show for a couple weeks, stumbling across a friend with an original Gameboy playing Pokémon Red version using a Weedle. When he told me he was playing Pokémon, I told him I didn't know there was a Pokémon that had a pumpkin for a head. Boy games have come a long way. Speaking of games, I also contribute to making them somewhat professionally, and ocassionaly write about them. You should see some of that games writing stuff, I hear it's real popular with the kids these days.


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