It has been 20 years since the release of the original Pokémon games, and The Pokémon Company is fully intent on giving their franchise the celebration it rightfully deserves. With the Game Boy originals being rereleased as full-fledged Virtual Console games on the Nintendo 3DS later this month, a specially themed Red vs. Blue Splatfest this weekend, and the highly anticipated Pokkén Tournament launching worldwide on the Wii U on March 18th, 2016 is already off to a wonderful start for the Pokémon series.

As if that wasn’t enough, it is now confirmed that
Pokémon jack-of-all-trades Junichi Masuda — who alternates as a director, producer, programmer, designer, and composer throughout the entire series — will be attending this year’s E3, which will be taking place from June 14th to 16th.

Masuda’s appearances during earlier E3s usually led to either a reveal of a brand new main series
Pokémon title or a ton of new information pertaining to it. This pattern is likely to remain true, but the reasoning behind Masuda’s presence at E3 2016 remains a mystery. However, there are several ideas as to what it could mean.

While we know that a closed beta for
Pokémon GO is meant to be available in the winter, the mobile game’s public launch date is still unknown outside of it being at some point this year. The likelihood of a Pokémon Z following X and Y on the Nintendo 3DS still remains, at least if Zygarde’s new forme in the anime is any indication. The recent reveal of a new Mythical Pokémon, Magearna, could tie in for more than just the upcoming movie with Volcanion – perhaps even the new seventh generation many suspect is coming. For all we know, Detective Pikachu could be announced as a new Smash Bros. downloadable character!

All joking aside, the only thing we can really do for now is wait and see.

If something huge regarding the
Pokémon series is to be revealed at E3 this year, what would you want it to be? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Twitter (via PokéJungle)

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