In a recent interview, Pokémon‘s producer Junichi Masuda answered some questions about how Pokémon are created. He explained that when they look at Pokémon, they treat them as living creatures, and they decide what evolutions they will get based on real-life animals. However, the evolutions really depend on each Pokémon, and if it doesn’t make sense for it to get an evolved form, they’ll just leave it.

Masuda also said that they certainly aren’t running out of ideas to make new Pokémon. They are trying to find a balance between creating Pokémon that look like actual animals, and more Pokémon that are like inanimate objects.

Here’s the full quotes:

Game Informer: What dictates if a Pokémon has three evolutions? Were they all meant to have three evolutions at some point?

Masuda: So we always look at the Pokémon as living creatures especially when we get inspiration from existing animals, like say a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly. That kind of stuff makes sense, but really it just depends on the Pokémon. When we’re creating it, if it makes sense that it would have evolved forms and there’s a good idea for it then we’ll go with that but it’s really a case by case thing.

Game Informer: I’m seeing a lot more Pokémon based on inanimate objects like Klefki, the sand castle, and the lei from Sun and Moon. Are you running out of animals?

Masuda: I don’t really feel we are running out of material, especially with the series as it’s progressed. We’ve tried to find more of a fine balance of creatures that may look like they could be typical animals and also more Pokémon based on inanimate objects. I don’t feel like we’re running out of material or ideas anytime soon, but I think it’s the result of trying to find that balance.

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Source: Game Informer

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