Pokkén Tournament Being Considered for International Release


Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has been answering a lot of questions on Twitter about Pokkén Tournament lately, and while his answers have been short, they have also been quite useful. When asked if the fighter would be getting an international release, he answered “Considering now. RT @Mashudes Possible international release for Pokken Tournament?” For now this would mean an international arcade release, since Pokkén has not been announced for consoles as of yet.

When asked if the game would be a 1 on 1 or tag-team fighter, Harada said “It’s secret. And we have some new ideas,” and he revealed through questioning that the game will not only feature fighting types and will feature un-evolved Pokémon, but when asked if type-matching would have a part in the fighter, he had “no comment,” which is interesting following all of the answers he did give.

Source: Katsuhiro Harada

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