Fans never really expected a Pokémon fighting game, but it’s happening, and I don’t think anyone can complain. However, many have expected a Tekken game with Pokémon skins as the final product, which isn’t bad at all. Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has put that prediction to rest, claiming “at its core, [Pokkén Tournament is] an action game for Pokémon fans.” It is being developed with fans of Pokémon in mind.

“It’s a solid versus game, but at its core, it’s an action game for Pokémon fans. People might think that because we’ve worked on games like Tekken and Soul Calibur or because of the name ‘Pokkén,’ that this game is made for established fighting game players, but I’d like to come straight out and say ‘no, it isn’t.’

“The tech to make the game and the knowhow behind the massive amount of animations comes from our experience working on the games we’ve made before, but with the gameplay, we’ve set our sights on Pokémon fans.” — Katsuhiro Harada, Producer on the Tekken series

Seeing how the game hits Japanese arcades tomorrow, Harada wanted to make sure fans knew what to expect going into the game. He also gave some advice to newcomers to the fighting game genre.

“Newcomers should especially focus on blocking.”

Words of the wise.

Source: Kotaku

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