Not too long ago, we at Gamnesia announced a ton of new features for our site, all coming sometime soon. Since then, we’ve continued doing the Daily Delib, a daily post where we get to know you guys and your thoughts better; we’ve launched a news recap comedy show that condenses a week of news into about seven minutes on YouTube; we’ve introduced Game Clash, a head-to-head battle pitting two games against each other every Monday; Community Nights, where readers and staff alike join to play video games together on Twitch; and we’ve dabbled in others, as well.

Now that we as a community have had enough time to get used to a lot of these regular new features, we the staff want to know what you guys think! Do you love them? Hate them? Which one/s are your favorite, and why? We’re curious to know what you guys are thinking, so vote in the poll and leave a comment to let us know!

Our Verdict
What’s Your Favorite Gamnesia Feature?