After a lengthy absence, we’re happy to announce the return of Gamnesia’s Game Clash! In this weekly segment, we take two games (or sometimes more, for special occasions) and pit them against each other, and the victor is decided by your votes. It could be two games in the same franchise, two titles competing in the same genre, an original work and a spiritual successor, or just about anything else that we think will make for a good fight. For our first new Game Clash in over a year, we’re turning to one of the most popular video game franchises in the world:

Super Mario Sunshine, our mustachioed hero had to cut his vacation on the tropical Isle Delfino short when he’s blamed for the nefarious actions of Shadow Mario. Using the ever-handy FLUDD (Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device), Mario cleans up the island and gives us some quality 3D platforming action along the way.

Super Mario Galaxy saw the famed plumber venture out into the heavens to reclaim the stolen Power Stars that power Rosalina’s observatory. The game’s fluid controls and innovative gravity mechanics made it a joy to play, and its celestial visuals are some of the best on Wii.

Which one of these critically-acclaimed 3D
Mario titles is the better game? Cast your vote and join the debate!

Our Verdict
Which 3D Mario adventure is better?

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