1. TBH Outer Worlds is only fun in small doses. Playing it for too long is just boring. Especially when you know damn well you can end the game by shooting everyone you come across

  2. ok i know no one probably cares but i just got a top fan badge for this page. its my first one ever and it made my day. jack-1 negative crap-0

  3. I had a warm smile seeing this.

  4. The game is god damn phenomenal and a love letter to Fallout fans. At this point Bethesda should cut their losses, sell the rights to Fallout to Obsidian and just stick to Elder Scrolls and take that big fat L like a champ.

  5. This game took 2 weeks of my life….. It was stellar and a model on how to make a good game, also not even 1 bug or crash… And that was fantastic…. All and all? One of thr better if not the best fallout-esque games I played….

  6. I beat outerworlds last night, so many decisions, so many twists and turns.

  7. It’s good but you don’t really get to see the changes you made like Bethesda games

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