Vince Weaver, an assistant Computing Engineering professor at the University of Maine, has recreated Valve’s Portal on an Apple II, an 8-bit computer that was released over 39 years ago. Weaver’s recreation of the game is extremely basic; Chell’s movement is slow and methodical, and the graphics are very simple. However, the reboot still captures the charm of the original Portal, with the same basic mechanics, a large number of interesting puzzles, and the same cruel, sarcastic humor, with GlaDOS narrating most of the experience.

The Apple II computer was so primitive that the entire system only had about 64 kilobytes of memory. Weaver brought
Portal to the system using Applesoft BASIC, a simple programming language that was used for Apple computers back in the 1970s, which originally shipped on cassette tapes. Although Weaver’s port is, of course, very simple, it’s truly impressive that he was able to create so much on such bare-bones software.

You can watch a demonstration of Vince Weaver’s
Portal for the Apple II above!

If you’d like to try the game out for yourself, the whole thing is
available for download on Vince’s website.

What do you think? Are you impressed with Vince’s work? Would you be willing to try this game out?

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