That could work.


  1. Soooo basically making it a WiiU? 🤔

  2. So basically what the Wii U should have been… I like it. ( I loved the Wii U though )

  3. If that feature was available…then wouldn’t it Technically still count as a “Switch”? Not in the same way as switching from tv to handheld console..but rather Switch from handheld Console to Expansive Controller?

  4. They heard you out with the Wii U, but no one cared.

  5. Then that would make it a Wii U….

  6. The delay would be awful, so no, it wouldn’t work.

  7. But they literally said it won’t connect to the tv. Emphasis on connect.

  8. They could call it something like the “Switch U”. Idk just a thought

  9. We should all send this to Nintendo.

  10. That what I was thinking they could do with the light, they should have called it a HDS.

  11. Congratulations, you invented the Wii U

  12. so you’re turning the switch into a Wii U?

  13. Ah look, it’s the Wii U with Mario maker. That is Exactly how the WII U does that, works great for Mario maker!

  14. Bold of you to assume that I, a working class junkie, can afford a television in this economy

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