United States President Donald Trump has frequently broached the topic of gun violence over the past few weeks, including his opinion that video game violence is partially to blame for tragedies like the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters last week that Trump would soon be meeting with members of the video game industry to discuss the issue, and the date has just been set.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) stated at the time of Sanders’ announcement that they hadn’t heard anything from the Trump team, but they’ve since been contacted by the administration. In a new statement, the ESA announced that they’ll be attending a meeting with Trump this Thursday, which they hope will be an
“opportunity to have a fact-based conversation about video game ratings, our industry’s commitment to parents, and the tools we provide to make informed entertainment choices.” The ESA also echoed its previous statements, reaffirming their stance that video games are not a cause of gun violence.

“Video games are enjoyed around the world and numerous authorities and reputable scientific studies have found no connection between games and real-life violence. Like all Americans, we are deeply concerned about the level of gun violence in the United States. Video games are plainly not the issue: entertainment is distributed and consumed globally, but the US has an exponentially higher level of gun violence than any other nation.”

It’s unclear exactly what the Trump team has in mind. Video games already have a rating system, courtesy of the ESA’s own ESRB, and the game industry’s marketing and media is robust enough that you can typically find a detailed description of a game’s level of violence before launch.

Source: Rolling Stone

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