The Switch Pro Controller is a fantastic way to play most new Nintendo games, but when it comes to Super Smash Bros., most fans prefer to stick to the classic GameCube controller. In a fast-paced fighter like Smash, players can’t afford to have their rhythm off by even a fraction of a second, which brings up questions of latency. Which controller gets your inputs to the game faster, GameCube or Pro?

YouTuber Allen P. decided to put this question to the test. Previously he has tested the latency of wired Pro controllers for ARMS and found that the wireless Pro Controller was often faster by one or two frames, giving it a slight advantage. However, that’s not the case for Smash. The vast majority (83%) of inputs registered at the exact same time on both GameCube and Pro controllers. On 14% of inputs, the GameCube controller actually came in one frame ahead of its Pro competition. The remaining 3% of the inputs saw the Pro ahead by one frame.

In conclusion, both the Switch Pro Controller and the classic GameCube controller are excellent ways to play, and there’s very little difference in performance. It largely comes down to which one you’re more comfortable with. For those with over a decade’s worth of muscle memory, the GameCube controller makes a lot of sense, but the Pro is a smooth experience as well.

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