It’s a sad day for fans of anime and Japanese games, as a beloved voice actor has passed away. Unsho Ishizuka, perhaps best known as both the narrator and the voice of Professor Oak in the Pokémon anime, has tragically passed away. Ishizuka has been serving both roles for the show since the very beginning over 20 years ago, but at 67 he lost a battle to esophageal cancer.

Even if you didn’t watch the Japanese version of Pokémon, you’ve still heard his work in the English dub. Ishizuka lent his voice to numerous Pokémon (including Onyx and Steelix) in both versions. Outside of Pokémon, he’s been voicing Dragon Ball‘s Hercule Satan since 2010. He has appeared in dozens of other shows and games over the years, often playing the narrator.

Ishizuka will certainly be missed by various fan communities, and his contributions will not be forgotten. We wish the best to his friends and family in this difficult time.

Source: Mantan Web (via Kotaku)

Ben Lamoreux


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