Those of you that follow the competitive Smash Bros. scene are well aware of the YouTube channel VGBootCamp. They constantly upload full matches and tournaments that show off the game’s intense competitive following and stream very frequently. VGBootCamp president, who goes by GimR, made a somewhat lengthy post on Smashboards, describing the future of Project M content on the channel. First, he describes the reasoning behind the discontinuation of the game’s content, touting it as a legal “gray area”

“As it stands now, Project M exists in a legal gray area. Project M’s uncertain legality has the potential to put the other goals of VGBC for the wider Smash community in jeopardy. We are working on securing partnerships that will allow us to grow the community faster than ever before with new shows, tournaments, and other content. 2015 will be another crazy year for Smash, and as a small business with limited resources, it’s too risky to invest a significant portion of our time and money into a game that could damage our business with a copyright strike at any time.”—GimR

Fret not, fans of the popular game mod, as he also goes on to say how they’ll relocate the existing videos to a “new home”.

“The more visible PM becomes, and the closer VGBC is associated with PM, the higher the likelihood we face more direct legal action. Given this, we will no longer be streaming PM content for the foreseeable future.We will also be taking down our PM content from YouTube. Don’t worry – these videos will not be destroyed. We are working on an arrangement that will see them relocated to a new home.”—GimR

So in a nutshell, VGBootCamp will no longer stream or upload Project M content and their current videos will be taken down from the main channel but will be made accessible through different means.

Are you happy they decided to drop the Project M content or would you prefer they continued? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Smashboards

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