With another month comes another collection of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and April’s big ticket items on PlayStation 4 might appeal to those seeking high octane thrills. Mad Max sees players take on the role of the legendary Max Rockatansky, surviving in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland as he seeks to build the ultimate vehicle of mayhem and destruction called “The Magnum Opus.” The game, released in 2015 following the critically acclaimed Fury Road film, features extensive vehicular combat and customization.

Off a similar tangent comes the other free game in the form of
Trackmania Turbo, where you can race for the best time off impossibly designed tracks or build your own. See the two in action in the video above!

Other games to choose from this month include PlayStation 3 titles
In Space we Brawl—complete with PS4 cross-buy—and Toy Home. PS Vita owners, on the other hand, can help themselves to 99 Vidas and Q*Bert Rebooted, either on the handheld or on cross-buy with PS3 and PS4. Be warned, however, as PS3 and PS Vita offerings will be discontinued from the PS Plus program in March next year, so add these to your PlayStation account while you still can!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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