In a recent series of Twitter posts, video game tipster Ahsan Rasheed, who, according to VG24/7, “has an impeccable track record for revealing accurate leaks,” reported that “Local PS2 / PS1 support [is coming to] PS4 w/ native 1080p rendering for select titles.” If proven true, this would bring a lot of excitement to PlayStation 4 owners, as currently the PlayStation 4 has no form of backwards compatibility with older consoles, and cannot even play audio CDs. Also, if one can access the PlayStation 4 user-interface and stream to Twitch or Ustream while in-game, that would be a wonderful tool for YouTubers and Let’s Players alike. There was no mention of bringing PlayStation 3 disc-based backwards compatibility to the PlayStation 4, but that is most likely due to the PlayStation Now and Gaikai cloud computing system that Sony has in the works.

How does this news strike you? Does this seem like an exciting prospect? Comment below with thoughts on the matter!

Sources: The Escapist, VG24/7, and Twitter

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