PlayStation 4 has been a massive success for Sony since its debut during the 2013 holiday season, and its install base has continued to grow steadily thanks to the launch of the new and improved PlayStation 4 Pro model. Earlier this year, Sony reported that total PlayStation 4 shipments worldwide were nearing the impressive milestone of 80 million in April, and they’ve continued piling up since then.

According to their latest quarterly report, Sony shipped another 3.9 million PlayStation 4 units over the past three months. While those numbers are down from last year, they’re still extremely strong, especially this late in the console’s life. This brings the total sales number to a remarkable 86.1 million, officially putting it ahead of PlayStation 3. Sony’s last generation console sold a grand total of 83.8 million.

PlayStation 4 is selling at a historic rate, but it will need to keep doing so for years to come if it hopes to top the all-time PlayStation charts. The original PlayStation remains ahead with 102.49 million units sold, and the astoundingly popular PlayStation 2 is far ahead with over 155 million units sold. Can PlayStation 4 ever catch up and claim the top spot?

Source: Sony

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