PlayStation 4 got off to an incredible start, outpacing even the legendary PlayStation 2 in its first year. Sony’s console peaked in the 2016 fiscal year with over 20 million units shipped, and their latest financial report shows that PlayStation 4 had another strong year in 2017. In fact, just four and a half years into its lifespan, PlayStation 4 has nearly overtaken PlayStation 3 in lifetime sales.

Sony shipped another 19 million PlayStation 4 units (including both the standard and Pro models) to retailers last year, bringing its lifetime total to 79 million units shipped worldwide. By comparison, PlayStation 3 shipped a total of 83.8 million units in its life, which means Sony’s latest console isn’t far behind at all.

According to Sony’s projections, PlayStation 4 sales should see a moderate decline next year. They still expect the console to sell 16 million units next year, which is no small amount, but that’s down three million from 2017, which was down from 2016. If Sony’s projections are correct, global PlayStation 4 sales will be sitting at around 95 million by this time next year.

Of course, PlayStation 4 still has a long way to go to become Sony’s top-selling console of all time. On the way to PlayStation 3’s milestone, it’ll have to pass PlayStation Portable at 82 million. The real competition is the original PlayStation at 102.49 million and PlayStation 2 at 155 million.

Source: Sony

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