A few days ago Rare surprised us by releasing never before seen footage of Conker Gettin’ Medieval, but they’re not done surprising us yet! Today the Rare YouTube page uploaded never before seen footage of Twelve Tales: Conker 64, showing us that the Nintendo 64 game that would eventually become Conker’s Bad Fur Day started out very differently.

Originally, Rare had envisioned Conker as starring in an “interactive cartoon” with a host of lovable characters. Conker and Berry were planned to be playable, exploring a prehistoric jungle, a gladiatorial arena, a cowboy frontier, and more. Unfortunately, this project went into “hibernation,” and when it resurfaced a few years later, Rare determined that they needed to take a new angle in order to compete with other 3D platformers. As such,
Twelve Tales was reborn as the adult-themed Conker’s Bad Fur Day. You can check out the video by clicking above!

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