Rare unleashed two new trailers for its upcoming title, Sea of Thieves, an online multiplayer pirate game announced at last year’s E3. The first is a cinematic trailer hinting at what’s to come in this massive new title; the other is a gameplay montage showing off the many different aspects of the game, as experienced by a few lucky fans.

The cinematic trailer gives players a hint at what’s coming to Rare’s latest, featuring all the elements you’d expect from a pirate game, including gold, booze, pirates missing appendages, and even a giant Krakken-esque octopus dismantling a pirate ship.

Rare also gave us a glimpse at what the game will play like through a gameplay montage featuring three gamers embarking on unique adventures through the many different avenues afforded by the world of Sea of Thieves. Exploration looks to be a large part of the game, as does looting and treasure hunting.

Following exploration-based play, we got a brief look at what naval combat will entail. While ship-based combat isn’t terribly surprising in a pirate game, the depth shown in the trailer hinted at many different layers of these battles. If your ship goes down, you’re going down with it; if you’re stuck inside the ship, it’s going to start filling with water, and you’re going to have swim your way out.

In case you were worried about missing out on one of the most important parts of living the pirate life, don’t worry; you can intoxicate your character. Yes, you can get your character liquored up in Sea of Thieves, along with many other activities that look to make Sea of Thieves a fascinating new title from longstanding game company Rare. I, for one, couldn’t be more excited to see Rare leaving the Kinect behind and creating a more mainstream title like this.

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Source: Microsoft E3 2016 Showcase

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