With the upcoming release of Rare Replay, Rare’s Creative Director Gregg Mayles thought it would be an awesome idea to tweet a design document for a scrapped spin-off to Perfect Dark called Velvet Dark. While Mayles did not provide any additional information regarding the game’s development or whether it made it past the initial planning stage, he did mention that it was planned to be released for the Nintendo 64. Interestingly enough, the document also suggests Game Boy Advance compatibility despite being developed for the N64.

Hopefully Rare can revive the Perfect Dark franchise and deliver a proper sequel to the N64 classic. Considering that the document has a date of October 2000, I would have assumed that Velvet Dark would have been in development for the GameCube instead of the N64. Would you like to see the Perfect Dark franchise rise from the ashes? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Twitter

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