Rayman creator Michel Ancel has talked about Nintendo’s upcoming Super Mario Maker in a recent interview. He said that he believes that it will push some people to pursue a career in game level design and that all types of players will enjoy creating levels with it, both newcomers and veterans.

Ancel also revealed that the first game he ever played involving Mario was the original Donkey Kong arcade game, followed by a Game & Watch, and then Super Mario Land on the Game Boy. He was inspired by Mario’s simplicity and the fact that, despite there not being many elements in each level, the developers managed to do lots of things with them. According to him, the best way to start when designing a game is the flow of the levels. Each level should take into account the character’s abilities before adding in platforms and enemies.

It is important to have a global vision of the level and make sure you keep alternating between slow, fast, tense, and complex segments. Ancel found using Super Mario Maker really fun and says that the level editor is very easy to pick up. It allows people to see how a platformer is made and how everything works behind the scenes. Some players will likely become famous by creating and sharing popular levels, and Ancel thereby believes that this will push some people into level design.

Ancel will be contributing a level to the game’s collection of 60 pre-prepared levels.

Super Mario Maker comes out for the Wii U on September 10th, 2015 in Japan and September 11th, 2015 in Europe and North America.

Source: Perfectly Nintendo

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