In the past two years, gaming laptops are slowly rising up the ranks
and being taken seriously. It used to be that hearing the term “gaming
laptop” would send images of giant, 5-inch think beasts who require 5
years of weightlifting to carry. However, now units such as the Razer
Blade are thinning down, powering up, and drawing eyes.

On the
topic of the Razer Blade, Razer recently announced that they are giving
their laptop a hefty upgrade this April. By increasing the resolution to
3200 x 1800, giving it a GeForce GTX 870M, and adding a 10-point
capacitive touch screen, they are certainly increasing the value of the
machine. And all of this gaming goodness is arriving in a unit that is
less than 2 centimeters thick! Unfortunately, this does come with two
major caveats: the prices is being raised to a wallet-crippling $2,199,
and running games at the native resolution may result in a fair bit of

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Source: PC Gamer

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