In just three months, Resident Evil 2 will be reborn on modern hardware, giving fans old and new alike the chance to experience the horror of Raccoon City in HD. Whether you’re playing as Leon or Claire, you’ll be able to kill zombies in style thanks to an assortment of alternate costumes for the game’s various characters.

Capcom has been showing off these new looks in a series of videos, and they also recently highlighted the game’s “Noir filter,” which paints the whole game in black and white. The costumes and filter will be available as DLC, and they’re also part of the Deluxe Edition of the game, which retails for $69.99. The included Deluxe DLC Pack comes with:

  • “Elza Walker” costume for Claire
  • “Military” costume for Claire
  • “Noir” costume for Claire
  • “Noir” costume for Leon
  • “Arklay Sheriff” costume for Leon
  • “Albert Model Samurai Edge” handgun
  • “Retro Soundtrack Swap” option

The remake of Resident Evil 2 drops on January 25th. Until then, you can check out all the DLC goodies by clicking the videos below!

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