The puppet Geno, from the SNES classic Super Mario RPG, has long had a dedicated fanbase eager to play as him in Super Smash Bros., and while the support for his inclusion in an official Smash games has been dwindling since Brawl, Geno may finally be granting his fans their wish.

Project M players at the recently-held Summit tournament were in for a surprise when the game—the newly-released 3.5 build—accidentally loaded a corrupted version of a 3D Geno model when someone was trying to play as R.O.B. The bug caused the game to crash, and the crowd went wild at the sight.

We know the Project M team is hard at work making brand new characters for their extensive mod. It was discovered just a few months ago that Lyn and Knuckles are playable in a non-public build of the game, and the same footage shows Isaac on the character select screen.

Could this renew your interest in the future of Project M?

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