annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) takes place later this month, on March
25-29. In preparation for the event, GDC has released the very first “State of
the Industry” Study that does not paint a good picture for the relationship
between Nintendo and independent developers.

study polled over 2500 North American developers who either were present at GDC
last year or will be attending this year. Although 6.4 per cent of them
responded that their next game will be for the Wii U, only 4.6 pe cent stated
that the game they are currently working on is for the Wii U.

The premise
of the Wii U was to appeal to all audiences and to win back the core gamers and
the third party developers. So far, in North America at least, the
independent parties have not quite caught on to the system.

contrast, 13.2 percent of developers are currently making games for the Xbox
360, with nearly 14 percent planning their next title for the console. As for
Sony’s Playstation 3, 13 percent are currently developing for the platform with
12.4 percent planning their next title for the system.

most telling is that 11 percent of developers intend to make their next game
for the PS4 and rumoured Xbox 720, which is far higher than the figures for the
already released Wii U console. More details can be read here.

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