Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, has assured us that future E3 conferences are not “dead”.

After making the choice to not hold an E3 conference this year, concerns have spread through word of mouth about whether Nintendo E3 conferences are finished for good. Fils-Aime ended concerns by saying that future plans for E3 2014 will be discussed in the future.

“Next year and what we do at E3 next year is going to be an ongoing conversation, based on what the right thing to do is for the content we have.” Fils-Aime said. “What we are not saying as a result of this year is that the Nintendo press conference is dead.”

Fils-Aime added that the reasoning behind the conference decision this year was due to the list of upcoming titles for the Wii U and 3DS:

“This year, we have a parade of content that once you get your hands on it, you say to yourself I gotta get this game and I mean think about it, […] We have all of these playable games on our floor and most of them are coming out this holiday season, three are coming in 2014. “

The second reason was the use and pride in the Nintendo Direct video streams, which gave live feed to Japan, Europe, and the United States and allowed the game developers and executives a chance to speak directly to their fans. Brian Crecente, a writer for Polygon, asked Fils-Aime if this hindered the company’s efforts to reach a more broad audience and get word out to non-Nintendo fans.

“I would say that certainly the first viewership is by our fans, by people who know the brand and know the products. There is tremendous secondary viewership that happens and this is something that is a bit different from lets say Japan, in our market the viewership builds over time, literally after three weeks or four weeks. After a Nintendo Direct, the
viewership is still climbing steadily.”

So the future E3 shows from the long-lasting gaming company will not go unused, but how likely is it that Nintendo will bother with it next year — let alone the next few years?

Do you think it was a smart move for Nintendo to stray from an E3 conference? Do you think it matters? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Sources: Polygon

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