It’s been five long years since Metroid fans got their hands on a new game, and Nintendo has been relatively quiet about the franchise in the meantime. This ended during E3, when Nintendo unveiled Metroid Prime: Federation Force for 3DS. However, Federation Force wasn’t quite what fans had been expecting, leading to quite a bit of backlash.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime recently sat down for an interview with GameSpot, and he talked about the controversial game, stating that it’s a tough concept to communicate to gamers. With the exploration-fueled, isolationist single-player style of most
Metroid games being replaced with combat-focused co-op and series protagonist Samus stepping aside in favor of Galactic Federation soldiers, a lot has changed.

“So when we put [Digital Events] together, we do have a strong sense for what are the games that are going to do exceptionally well. We also learn along the way what things maybe aren’t as clear as we want them to be, and that’s where we put added focus during the show.

“And so, for example, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, we knew it was a tough concept, right? It’s a game taking place in the Metroid Prime environment, but there’s no Samus, and the gameplay is different, so how do we communicate that? And we tried hard to do that in the Digital Event. We’re hearing that maybe it wasn’t as clearly communicated, so we’re spending time on it during Treehouse Live.

“Again, that’s one of the benefits we have in just the overall approach we take for E3. It’s just not a press conference then come play our games. We look for a range of opportunities to help people understand what’s magical about our content, because we know once we get a controller in your hands, you’re going to have a wonderful experience. And so, we’re doing that now, and what’s interesting is that I’m now hearing that the reaction to Blast Ball has been quite fabulous. So, things are good.”
— Reggie Fils-Aime

Because Nintendo felt that the concept of Federation Force wasn’t communicated well enough in the Digital Event, they spent some time on it during the Nintendo Treehouse broadcasts as well. Additionally, Blast Ball was playable on the E3 show floor, and Reggie has been pleased with the responses to it. What are your thoughts on what we’ve seen of Federation Force so far?

Source: GameSpot

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