Microsoft ended their E3 presentation with the announcement of their forthcoming console, code named “Project Scorpio.” Sony finally confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 Neo after months of rumors, though they will only reveal it once they have “a full range of the best experiences on the new system.” Meanwhile, Nintendo remains tight-lipped about the NX itself, with public interest sparked anew after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s impressive showing at the expo. Expectations for the next console generation will only continue to rise until they’ve all finally launched.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg West, Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aimé was fielded a question about
“how the NX console will stack up” to their competitors’ next home consoles, and responded that it is not about the specs of a particular system, but about the content that platform delivers.

You can check out Reggie’s response in full in the snippet above, as well as check out his interview in full in the provided source link from 32:07 onwards. Do you agree with Reggie’s views on Nintendo as a content-focused company? Give us your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

Source: Bloomberg West

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