We’ve been hearing a lot about what’s happening with the future of Nintendo lately. The two biggest aspects being the upcoming NX system, and Nintendo’s branching out into the mobile gaming market. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Reggie gave an in-depth look at the direction Nintendo is taking for their mobile games. A little warning, though. It may make you hungry.

You can see what I mean in this quotation that comes directly from the interview:

WP: You’ve announced that you’ll be partnering to make mobile games, but you obviously also a have a huge handheld market. Those are similar markets, but not the same market. How do you think about the mobile space?

Reggie: The way we think about this broad handheld gaming space is first, gamers love to game. They’ll game on home console, they’ll game on a dedicated handheld device, they’ll game on mobile, they’ll game on tablets. They love to game. And so it’s not an either or proposition, it’s all about how do we get the gamer to spend more time playing our content.

Second, there’s a variety of different types of gameplay experiences that you can have. You can have the analogy to a snack, you can have the analogy to a full meal. And what we find is that when it comes to having the full meal, it really is best delivered through a dedicated handheld system. You’ve got the processing power, the full range of inputs and buttons. In our case you’ve got unique features like 3D visuals, the connective experiences around street passing. So for those big robust experiences, a dedicated system makes sense. For things that are a little bit more like a snack, a little bit lighter, a little bit less time consuming, that’s where you’re seeing a lot of smart device gaming. Whether it’s phone or tablet.

And there is a third piece. We’ve said publicly that we believe, done smartly, we can introduce our IP to new consumers through a smart device game. As they see what might be fun about Mario [on a smart device], they’ll then go to the full meal and have a true Mario experience on our dedicated handheld or our dedicated home console.

That’s our logic. It’s all about satisfying a broad range of gamers, providing them a broad range of gaming experiences and in the end being able to monetize all of those experiences whether it’s on smart devices or on our dedicated gaming businesses.

I’m really beginning to look forward to Nintendo’s mobile games, as snacks are always welcome in my life. What about you? Are you happy about their decisions for mobile gaming? Is there anything in particular that you are hoping to see? Are you hungry? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Washington Post

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