Millions of fans around the world are currently enjoying Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee, but Game Freak isn’t just coasting on the strong sales of their most recent releases. In fact, long before the Let’s Go games released, Game Freak confirmed that they were working on a “core series RPG” coming in late 2019. So when will the next chapter of Pokémon finally be revealed? Apparently quite soon!

Exactly one week ago, we were treated to a Nintendo Direct presentation filled with tons of exciting Switch news. Prior to the Direct, there were countless rumors about its content, but only one absolutely nailed it. On February 11th, two days before the Direct, Twitter user Mug tweeted out “Yoshi, final fantasy, Fire emblem, daemon x machina, Bloodstained, Mortal Kombat, Boxboy, 2d Zelda, mario maker, dragon quest, Starfox, platinum games, Assassins creed, 5 minutes on three houses, Marvel ultimate alliance.” In other words… just about everything that appeared in the Direct.

Naturally, this has impressed a lot of people, and many have been asking if Mug also has the inside scoop on the next Pokémon. As of February 14th, Mug was unaware of The Pokémon Company’s plans, but that appears to have changed. Earlier today, Mug simply tweeted out “Pokemon soon.” It’s not much to go on, but perhaps the news will coincide with Pokémon Day, which is February 27th in Japan, and (depending on your time zone) February 26th in some Western countries.

Obviously this has not officially been confirmed by Nintendo or The Pokemon Company, so take it with a grain of salt. I checked Google’s cached version of the page to see if it was possible that incorrect guesses were simply deleted after the Direct, but unfortunately the last snapshot Google took was the day after the Direct, so that possibility can’t really be confirmed or debunked. 

Source: Mug

Ben Lamoreux


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