Remedy is a developer known for their genre-defying games. In fact, few games deserve the descriptor of “genre-defying” more than Remedy’s own Alan Wake, the survival horror classic that almost never was. Despite the success of the original game, publishers weren’t interested in Remedy’s attempt at a sequel. Fortunately for fans, Remedy may finally be making a return to the Alan Wake franchise after applying for the trademark name, “Alan Wake’s Return.”

Quantum Break, a major Microsoft exclusive, coming out soon, it makes sense that Remedy might have more pull with the console giant. However, besides the name, nothing else is known as of right now beyond speculation. For would-be fans who missed out on Alan Wake the first time around, or any gamer who needs an excellent horror game to sink some time into, a digital version of the game will be shipped free alongside the initial run of Quantum Break when it releases in April this year.

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Source: PCGamer

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