Masahiro Sakurai revealed Smash Run, an exclusive game mode in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, back at E3. Players fight their way across a massive maze, battling enemies from all across the Nintendo universe. We’ve seen Shy Guys, Kremlings, Peahats, Gastly, Sneaky Spirits, and dozens of other Nintendo baddies trying to get the better of the Smash Bros. cast, but it seems that boss fights aren’t limited to stages, like the Yellow Devil and Dark Lord.

In the image to the left, we can clearly see Bonkers from the Kirby games appearing to give Mega Man a run for his money, but Chris Niosi appears in a guest discussion with GameXplain to reveal a few other boss characters that supposedly show up in Smash Run.

Niosi says that he spoke to a Nintendo rep about Smash Run, who revealed that Kraid of Metroid fame is one such enemy, alongside a boss character coming from the Donkey Kong series’ Kremling Krew. Other reports from various sources claim to have seen the Great Reaper from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

The biggest question this brings, of course, is who the Kremling boss is and what this means for King K. Rool as a potential newcomer. So far it seems that Smash Run only uses minibosses for these fights, so I’m willing to bet that this “Kremling boss” is Klubba, from Donkey Kong Country 2—which means, of course, that the door is still open for King K. Rool to krush the kompetition.

Source: GameXplainSmashboards

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