Shortly after Nintendo unveiled their next console, Nintendo Switch, they released a list of dozens of third-party companies pledging support for the console. From Software was one of the companies included in that list, sparking speculation that the Dark Souls franchise could finally be coming to a Nintendo console. While there’s no official confirmation of this, the ever-reliable Laura Kate Dale of Let’s Play Video Games has the inside scoop once again.

According to Dale’s source, From Software currently has Dark Souls III up and running on Nintendo Switch “with a level of performance they are happy with.” However, they are not yet committed to releasing the game on Nintendo’s console. From Software is reportedly holding internal discussions about the financial viability of releasing all three Dark Souls titles on Nintendo Switch with all DLC included, but first they want to see how the console sells at launch.

If From Software is satisfied with Nintendo Switch’s early life sales, the plan is to release a Switch version of the game on the same day that the game is re-released with all DLC on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

This information is not officially confirmed by Nintendo at this time, but Dale has sources at Nintendo and Ubisoft who have accurately leaked details such as when the Switch reveal would take place, the content of the reveal, Switch’s use of cartridges, the look of the portable device, and more. It’s also worth noting that since Dale began reporting on these Switch leaks, Nintendo UK has blacklisted her.

Source: Let’s Play Video Games

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