In the weeks leading up to E3 developers are dropping early announcements left and right. When Bethesda began teasing a Fallout announcement many fans speculated that it could be a remake of Fallout 3 or a sequel to New Vegas, but the big reveal turned out to be something new. A brief teaser unveiled Fallout 76 to the world, but little was said about the story or gameplay.

Bethesda will unveil more official details at E3 in less than two weeks, but you don’t have to wait that long to find out more. Kotaku’s Jason Scheier stated just after the reveal that Fallout 76 would be an “online game of some sort,” and he has since spoken to three sources close to the project to dig up some additional info.

According to Scheier’s sources, Fallout 76 will be an online survival RPG. The experimental Fallout spin-off is said to draw heavy influence from games like DayZ and Rust. The game originally began as a prototype for a multiplayer version of Fallout 4, and the idea continued to evolve over time. Base building, quests, and a story will all be present alongside survival mechanics and form the core of the gameplay. The sources couldn’t elaborate extensively on the gameplay, as it’s still evolving and will likely continue to go through changes, as is the case with many online “service” type games.

Because Vault 76 is the focus of the game, it’s expected to take place much earlier than other titles. According to the lore of the series, Vault 76 was set to open just 20 years after the nuclear war, so the world should be in pretty rough shape. This would make it a fitting setting for a survival game. Additionally, an anonymous source outed Fallout 76 as “a Fallout-themed Rust cloneall the way back in December.

Source: Kotaku

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