Last month, Lionhead Studios officially closed down, following the surprise announcement that Fable Legends had been cancelled and that the studio would be entering a consultation period to discuss the possibility of a closure. Following that surprising news, Kotaku UK reports that there were “several potential buyers” who were looking to purchase Lionhead Studios. There were several big names from the video game industry who were interested, but due to “the confidential nature” of the discussions, those names were not revealed. According to Kotaku UK, a majority of the deals fell through because Microsoft would not sell the Fable IP along with Lionhead Studios.

Kotaku UK’s source stated that “90% of the people interested just walked away at that point.” Since the potential buyers would not have sole ownership of the Fable franchise, the deal was not as lucrative as many of them had hoped and the deal fell through. It is unfortunate to hear that Lionhead Studios could have been saved if Microsoft had let go of Fable, but Microsoft does not seem to be interested in letting go of such a lucrative franchise.

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Source: Kotaku UK

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